• If you are having any type of problems with your ac or heating equipment, always check your filters first.  It is recommended to change or wash filters every 6 months and sometimes more if there are factors that would create more work for the filter (such as pets, kids and/or excessive dust).  The need to change your filters is similar to the need to change the oil in your car.  It needs to be done regularly to prolong the life and efficiency of the equipment. Your system will not operate efficiently if the filters are dirty.

  • Along with changing your filters regularly, it is also recommended to turn on your garden hose and spray down the entire surface of the outdoor AC condenser.  The unit itself gets dirty and dusty, and hosing it off will allow the system to breathe better and operate more efficiently.

  • If your filters are clean, but there is still a problem, check the breaker.  Sometimes if the system is working too hard it can pop a fuse and trip the breaker.  If that seems to happen more than once or twice, then a Service Call is recommended because it is likely there could be another underlying issue.

  • If your system or thermostat is not functioning properly, check to see if the thermostat has batteries.  Some thermostats are hardwired so there may be a different problem, but some require batteries, and when the battery life runs out, the thermostat will not function properly.  Sometimes new batteries is all it takes to get that air flowing again


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