With the right maintenance, a heating unit can last 15 years or more.  It is important to change your filters regularly and ensure your equipment is operating as efficiently as possible.  If something is not working properly, quite often the problem is easily remedied with a simple service repair. We have many years of experience in Heating Diagnostics and will provide honest solutions at affordable prices.


If the problem is not repairable, or if the cost of repair is not the most logical solution, then we will work with you and provide all necessary details for you to make an informed decision and to choose the best option of new equipment to fit your needs and budget.  

If you have a home or office that does not currently have any heating elements, then give us a call and we can install the necessary equipment to get heat where you need it to be.

We know how important it is for your indoor temperature to be warm and comfortable during the cold days and nights of the winter months. We will strive to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you and your family and/or your occupants will be comfortable and safe.


A Furnace is a central heating system that distributes heat throughout the living space.  It is the most common source of heating homes in California that are equipped with natural or propane gas.

Ductless Split Systems / Mini Split Heat Pump

Sometimes it is not necessary to have a central Heating system, especially if there is only one room or small space that needs to be heated.  A Ductless Split System or Mini Split Heat Pump is a smaller unit that can be mounted to an interior wall, in the ceiling, or in the attic. It is a very clean and efficient way to heat and/or cool a small space. 

Heat Pump Package Unit or Heat Pump Condenser and Air Handler

A Heat Pump Package Unit is a large unit that houses both the heating and cooling equipment and is usually mounted on the roof although it can be possible to install it on the ground.  A Heat Pump Condenser and Air Handler is a central HVAC system that does heating and cooling and is made up of two parts (an outside Condenser and an Indoor Air Handler). Both are good alternatives for a home that is not equipped with gas lines because they do not require natural or propane gas to heat, but instead they work to reverse the flow of refrigeration to blow warm air in and cold air out.     


Would you like to create more room in your garage by relocating your Furnace to your attic?  Would you like your Condenser to be somewhere else? We can help determine if there may be a different place for your equipment that will better suit your needs and will comply with city codes and guidelines.

We Install And Service The Following Types Of Cooling Equipment.

  • Central Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
  • Furnace
  • AC Condenser
  • Coil
  • Heat Pump
  • Air Handler
  • Package Unit
  • Ductless Split System/Mini Split Heat Pump
  • Whole House Fan
  • Thermostat
  • Ductwork (Repairs, Additions, Replacement)


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