Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services for
Residential and Commercial properties.

Do you need to replace old or broken equipment? Do you have a home, office or commercial building that does not have air conditioning? Do you want to try and limit your energy usage and lower your electric bill? We can help!

We have many different options to fit your needs.  There are several types of energy efficient systems and equipment available for your cooling needs and our trained HVAC Technicians will work with you to find the right solution for your situation and your budget.  We pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide as well as 100% customer satisfaction.

Replacing Air Conditioning

With the right maintenance and service an HVAC system can have a long life, but at some point there comes a time when the cost of repair exceeds the cost of replacement, or you may decide that a more energy efficient system will better fit your needs.  The newer systems offer more economical and quieter functionality while using more environmentally friendly refrigerant to operate. Sometimes the ductwork in a home or building that the air travels through is not working as efficiently as it can be. We can offer options to change the duct layout and/or replace the ductwork for better airflow.  New and updated thermostats also offer many convenient options to control the temperature with the touch of a button or can be programmed to fit your specific needs.

Adding Air Conditioning

Many homes or buildings were built without central air conditioning, but the climates are changing and the summers are getting hotter which is creating more of a demand for air conditioning.  We have a great deal of experience in adding air conditioning and can offer several different types of options to fit specific needs and conditions, whether it's for a remodel, addition, or just for the single purpose of wanting to be more comfortable.  


A Condenser is the outdoor unit of a central air conditioning system that cycles refrigeration to remove the warm air from inside and replace it with cool air.  The condenser is the heart of the air conditioning system and is most common in residential homes in California.

Ductless Split Systems / Mini Split Heat Pump Systems

Sometimes it is not necessary to add or install a central air conditioning system, especially if there is only one room or small space that needs to be cooled and/or heated.  A Ductless Split System or Mini Split Heat Pump is a smaller unit that can be mounted to an interior wall, in the ceiling, or in the attic. Refrigeration lines run inside the walls from the indoor unit to an outdoor condenser unit.  It is a very clean and efficient way to cool and/or heat a small space. These types of systems are perfect for cooling computer server rooms in home offices.

Heat Pump Package Unit Or Heat Pump Condenser And Air Handler

A Heat Pump Package Unit is a large unit that houses both the heating and cooling equipment and is usually mounted on the roof although it can be possible to install it on the ground.  A Heat Pump Condenser and Air Handler is a central HVAC system that does heating and cooling and is made up of two parts (an outside Condenser and an Indoor Air Handler). Both are good alternatives for a home that is not equipped with gas lines because they do not require natural or propane gas to heat, but instead they work to reverse the flow of refrigeration to blow warm air in and cold air out.     


Are you doing a landscape design project that requires your AC Condenser to be moved?  Or maybe you don’t like the noise of the Air Conditioner outside your bedroom or living room window.  Would you like to create more room in your garage by relocating your Furnace to your attic? We can help determine if there may be a different place for your equipment that will better suit your needs and will comply with city codes and guidelines.

Whole House Fans

Installing a Whole House Fan is an efficient way to cool your home naturally and can help lower your electric bill.  Whole House Fans can work exceptionally well in Southern California because even in the summer time the evening outside temperatures cool off quite a bit, but the indoor temperatures remain warm without an air conditioner running.  A Whole House Fan works by pulling in cooler outside air through open windows, and the cool airflow moves throughout the rooms pushing the hot air out of the warmer areas of your home and out of the attic. It is a great way to avoid using the air conditioner or to at least reduce the load on the air conditioner so it does not have to work as hard or as long to reach and keep a desired temperature.

Service & Repair

Often times a simple service call is all that is needed to fix a problem and get you back to being comfortable.  Even if your system is old, there are many different parts that can be fixed or replaced to avoid installing new equipment.  We work very hard to find the best and least expensive solution for our customers and will never try to sell something that isn't necessary.  We will do everything possible to ensure that you get the most out of your cooling elements before needing to replace them.

We have many years of experience in Air Conditioning Diagnostics.  We take the time to troubleshoot different problems and find solutions. Sometimes what seems to be a very big problem will have the simplest solution.  One call is all it takes.

Ductwork Repairs

If the airflow in your system is not up to par, there are several different possibilities for the cause and different options for correcting the problem.  Ductwork connections can come apart, the ductwork itself can slowly deteriorate over time, and rats and mice can chew holes in the ductwork. All of these things can cause issues with airflow.  Sometimes a simple adjustment or repair of ductwork can greatly improve airflow which will help the efficiency of the system. If it can’t be fixed, we offer several types of duct and different options for replacing it and/or adding to it.   

We offer Preventative Maintenance to prolong the life of your air conditioning equipment.

We install and service the following types of cooling Equipment.

  • Central Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
  • Furnace
  • AC Condenser
  • Coil
  • Heat Pump
  • Air Handler
  • Package Unit
  • Ductless Split System/Mini Split Heat Pump
  • Whole House Fan
  • Thermostat
  • Ductwork (Repairs, Additions, Replacement)


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