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here will be times (or climates) where eliminating the air conditioning unit may be impossible. Knowing how to use your air conditioner wisely is important to get the most of your home cooling efforts.



    • First things first.
      Wait until the last possible moment to even turn on the air conditioner, because once it’s on, there’s hardly any going back
    • Regular maintenance.
      When was the last time you had maintenance done on your air conditioning unit? Annual maintenance is important to energy-efficiency
    • Is it time to replace?
      If you’re unit is really old (more than 10 years) a newer, more efficient model could cut your consumption in half.
    • Install programmable thermostats.
      Replace your old thermostats with newer models that include timers. The investment is well worth it, giving you the ability to set the temp higher shortly after you’re asleep or while you’re away and have it begin to cool just before you come home

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